2023 Patronage Allocation - Sharing The Wealth

Fusion Membership Has Its Perks! 

At Fusion Credit Union, we have been sharing the wealth for five years running.  The sharing continues as we announce a patronage allocation of $1 million to members, plus $921,400 in cash payouts to select members, for a total of $1.92 million in total returns to members in 2023, based on 2022 results. 

“The year 2022 marked our five-year anniversary under the Fusion brand,” states Darwin Johns, CEO of Fusion Credit Union.  “Since 2018, we have experienced tremendous growth in all areas, including our membership base, employee development, and the communities we serve.  Our growth reflects our strong connection to our communities, and we are grateful for the support our members have provided us with over the years.  Our success is also our members’ success, and we are happy to report that since 2018, we have returned a total of $8.6 million to members in the form of patronage allocations and cash payouts.  It’s certainly true that being a Fusion member has its perks.” 

The patronage allocation is a portion of interest paid and earned during the past year and will vary from member to member.  Patronage allocations are retained in the members’ Surplus Share account.  This year, $921,400 was paid out in cash to members 65 years of age and older and those under age 19, as well as members who hold over $15,000 in surplus shares.  All eligible members received their payouts in May 2023, while patronage allocations appeared on member statements in April 2023.   

Johns comments that “as we look to the future, we are committed to being “Here for Good” and helping our members and our communities succeed.  Our members have helped shape us into the proud community partner we are today, and we consider it a privilege to be here when they need us.  The support of our members and our communities enables us to progress as an organization and also maintain our strong, local roots.  Together, we can grow as individuals and as a community.” 

Five Years At A Glance - How We've Grown!

  • $1.3 million funds returned to communities in the form of donations and sponsorships

  • $60,000 given to local entrepreneurs through Community Infusion
  • 15 new positions have been added to the organization
  • 75,153 in professional development hours
  • $8.6 million returned to members since 2018

Tuesday | July 4, 11:22 AM
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