Online Banking

Online Banking

Online banking allows you to securely access your accounts and manage your money whenever you want. Access is free – all you need is a Fusion CU MemberCard and Personal Access Code (PAC).


  • Check your account balances and view transaction history
  • Pay bills
  • Manage your bill payees
  • Send an INTERAC e-Transfer
  • Manage your spending and trends
  • Create a chequing or savings account
  • View your statement
  • Set up alerts notifying you of various account activities
  • Stop cheques
  • Transfer funds between multiple accounts including your US funds account and other Fusion members 

If you have any questions or need assistance setting up Online Banking, please contact your branch or email

Digital Banking First-Time Login – How to:

If your contact information is not up to date, please contact us at 1-877-226-7957 in order to verify your information. Your current email or mobile phone number is required to log into the new platform. 

Online Banking

Visit and click 'Sign In' on the top right-hand corner.

  1. Sign in using your current member/debit card and Personal Access Code (PAC)

  2. Choose a unique username. Please note that once you’ve selected a username, it cannot be changed.

  3. Choose a unique password using the following criteria:

    • Alphanumeric

    • Minimum 10 characters

    • Maximum 35 characters

    • 1 uppercase letter

    • 1 lowercase letter

    • 1 number

    • 1 symbol (this is not displayed on the password indicator but is allowed)

  4. Enter your mobile phone number and/or email address when prompted.

  5. You may be asked to verify your date of birth. To complete the field, please enter your contact information in this format: mm-dd-yyyy.

  6. You will receive a verification code on your mobile phone or email. Please be aware that it may take a few minutes for the code to show up in your email. 

  7. If you don’t receive your verification code, please check your junk mail folder. If still not received within 10 minutes, please resend the code. If a second verification code is requested, enter the second code you receive - if you have 2 verification codes the latest one you received is the one that must be entered. If the code is still not received, please contact us at 1-877-226-7957.

  8. Enter that code on the pop-up screen when prompted.

  9. If the contact information you enter does not match what we have on file, you will not be able to receive your verification code. Please contact us at 1-877-226-7957 to verify your contact info.

  10. If everything is correct, click “Create user profile” to finish up.

Please use your new username and password to now enter the online banking and mobile app.

Online Banking

Once you have logged in you can:

  • select your own profile picture

  • view the balance of your favourite account

  • access shortcuts to pay bills and send transfers

  • send a secure message to our eServices by clicking on the envelope

  • view financial overview, favourite transactions and recent activity

My Fusion Menu

Financial Overview and Messages

Obtain a Financial Overview of your accounts and view sent and received messages.


Account Alerts - Be notified of withdrawals, balance alerts, insufficient funds or failed transactions on your account(s).

Security Alerts - Get alerts for password changes, attempt locks, successful logins and biometric access completions.


Password – allows you to change your password frequently for your own security

Contact Details – Update your address, phone and email

Profile or Background Picture – Personalize your experience by uploading your own profile and background picture

Statement Preferences – choose paper or electronic statement

Devices – view, lock or unlock devices used to access your digital banking (online only)

Sign-In History – View channels and dates used to log into your digital banking (online only)

Settings Specific to the Mobile App:

Widget – Create shortcuts to favorite transactions

Biometric Authentication – Use facial recognition and/or fingerprint technology to login into your mobile app.

Accounts Menu

View accounts, transactions and eStatements – view all account details and transactions, including archived eStatements

Favorite transactions – create shortcuts for favorite transactions, name accounts and change the order of lists

Open A New Account – open an individual new chequing, savings and/or investment accounts

Stop cheques – stop payments on cheques you have issues (online banking only)

Transfers & Payments Menu

Transfers – transfer funds between your own accounts or to another Fusion member. Transfer funds to occur in real-time, schedule future payments and set up recurring transfers.

Interac eTransfers – send an eTransfer

Payments – pay bills to occur in real-time, schedule future bill payments or set up recurring bill payments. View scheduled payments and manage all of your payees and Interac e-Transfer recipients.

Personal F.A.Q

Signing In

Before you log into both the online banking platform and mobile app, please be sure that you have verified your contact info with us. To connect to the new platforms your mobile phone number or email will need to be entered and they must match our records in order to verify your identity.

When you sign in for the first time, you will use your 19-digit debit card number. After creating a unique username and password in the new online banking platform, you will use those to sign in going forward.

Maximum 35 alphanumeric characters (A to Z, a to z, 0 to 9, and special characters). Your username cannot be your PAN (19-digit debit card number)

No, you are unable to change your username once created.

You can enter your debit/membercard number in place of your username.

You can click the Forgot Username or Password? link located on the online banking or mobile banking app sign in page and follow the instructions. You must have a valid email address or mobile phone number on file to complete this action.
Or you can contact us at 1-877-226-7957.

Once signed on to digital banking, go to My Fusion > Settings > Password and follow the instructions.

On the Fusion App, navigate to the menu “≡”, select Settings then tap Password and follow the instructions.

You must have a valid mobile phone number on file to complete this action.

You can click the Forgot Username or Password? link located on the online banking sign in page and follow the instructions to complete a password reset vis SMS (mobile device).  You must have a valid mobile phone number on file to complete this action.

Please note that changing a password by receiving a verification code through email is not available.  

If you do not have a mobile device, please contact us at 1-877-226-7957 to change your password.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an added layer of security for our digital platform. It’s a numeric security code (up to 7 digits) that you will receive via text message to your mobile phone or to your email address when you perform certain activities. 

The code is time sensitive and valid only for a limited amount of time. Here are some examples of when one-time passcodes are used:

  • Register for online banking
  • First time you sign in to online banking
  • Add a new bill vendor
  • Update contact information
  • Change or reset your password (codes are sent to mobile phones (SMS) only, not email)
  • Transfer funds to other members
  • Add an Interac e-Transfer® recipient

Check your spam or junk folder. If the code it not there, resend the code. If that still does not work, call us at 1-877-226-7957.


Yes, Balance Widgets can be set up to allow up to three chequing accounts to be visible in the app sign in screen, today’s screen or both.

From the App Menu ‘≡’, select Settings and tap on Widgets.

Did you know?

You can also add some of your favorite transfer transactions as shortcuts in the widget, giving you an even quicker way to do your banking.


You can setup Account Alerts to individual accounts for notification of specific banking events. Different alerts can be setup on different accounts.

  • Transaction Alerts such as deposit or withdrawal, or balance (daily, weekly or monthly) alert that lets you know what your balance is in a specific account.
  • Insufficient Funds Alert when you have a scheduled transfer or bill payment
  • Failed Transaction Alert is when a scheduled transfer or bill payment did not occur for whatever reason.

Security Alerts are set mostly by default to protect you when it comes to changes happening to your accounts. This will protect you in the case of someone trying to get into your accounts. This includes events such as:

  • Password changes (if someone changes your password)
  • New biometric access (if someone attempts to add another FaceID or fingerprint access to your account from a mobile device)
  • Password attempt lock (if someone has tried to access your account and has failed to guess your password in three attempts)
  • Successful login (optional)
From MyFusion on the navigation menu:
1. Select Alerts
2. Click on Security or Account
3. Select the alerts you are setting up
4. Complete applicable fields (ie. Amounts, notification frequency, limit etc.)
5. Toggle on/off the types of notification to receive (text, email, push notifications)
6. Save


You can create favourite transactions to make repeat transfers to the people you regularly send money to. Simply click the favourites icon after completing a transaction.

You can delete, rename or add a photo to your favourite transactions.

In digital banking, select Accounts, then Favourite Transactions. You can also view your favourites on your main mobile app page after you signed on.

Bill Payments

Bill payments made after 10:20 pm will be processed with the following day’s date. The payments will be processed by 10:20 pm the following day. You can view and/or delete your bill payments in your list of Scheduled Payments until the time payments are processed.

Please note that vendor settlement times vary. To ensure your bill payments are received before the due date, submit your bill payment at least three (3) business days prior to the due date.


Yes, you can transfer between Canadian and US accounts. The exchange rate will be disclosed at time of transaction, for you to acknowledge prior to completing transactions.

Open Account

  • Sign in
  • Click Accounts and select Open Account
  • Choose Chequing or Savings and Check the accounts
  • Select the account type you want to open and click Open Account
  • Fill in the fields and click Continue
  • Review the details and click Continue

Other FAQs

Our secure messaging service allows you to communicate with us from within the online banking system and is only available after you have signed in. You may include account numbers and any other information that may help us better assist you with your questions.

Please use the secure message feature within online banking instead of sending personal information through unsecure email channels or text messages.

In online banking, from My Fusion, select Messages or you can click the envelope icon located at the top right corner on your main online banking page.

On the Mobile App, you access Messages by tapping the envelope icon located at the top right corner on your main screen.

Note: Our standard response time is by next business day. If your query is urgent, please contact us.

Yes, you can download your account activity to the following software programs:

  • CSV
  • PDF (PDF is only program available with the mobile app)
  • Microsoft Money (OFX)
  • Quicken (QFX)
  • Sage 50 (OFX)
  • Xero (OFX)

Yes. There is a "Mobile Deposit" feature where you can deposit cheques remotely.

Note: US cheques cannot be deposited to US chequing accounts via Mobile Deposits.

Yes. All loan payments processed through digital banking are applied as principal payment only.

Yes, by clicking on the ‘Filter’ (magnifying glass) icon at the top right of the View Transactions screen, you can select the date range using the calendar icon in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ sections.

You can also filter the types of transactions you can see by clicking the down arrow next to ‘Show’.

  • If you’re using online banking click Accounts, under Accounts select View eStatements. 
  • Select the year and date of the statement you want to view
  • On Business Online Banking, to view eStatements for Consolidated accounts, you will need to switch between membership profiles to retrieve eStatements.

To get started with digital banking, attend a local branch, contact eServices at 1-877-226-7957 or

If you are having any troubles with online banking, please contact eServices at 1-877-226-7957 or

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