Ways to Invest

Ways to Invest

Investing isn’t all about some future dream. A solid investment plan gives you financial confidence today as you watch your balance climb, knowing you’re doing the right thing. It gives you the chance to dream about your future, and see it through.


First Home Savings Account
The benefits of an RRSP and TFSA, all rolled into one!  An FHSA is a type of registered plan that allows you to save up to $40,000 for your first home, tax free.  Home ownership may be closer than you ever imagined!

  • Save up to $40,000 for your first home, tax free
  • Contribute up to $8,000 each year
  • Carry forward unused contributions to the following year, to a maximum of $8,000
  • Withdraw funds from your account for a first home purchase, tax free
Mutual Funds

A collection of stocks, bonds, or other securities owned by a group of investors and managed by a professional investment company.


  • Offered through Credential Asset Management Inc.
  • Professional Money Management
  • RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs, TFSAs and non-registered accounts are all available to invest in mutual funds.

TFSAs are an excellent way to grow your savings tax-free. While the money you put into a TFSA is not tax-deductible like an RRSP, when you take it out, it is tax free.


  • Two great account options to maximize the value of your TFSA
  • Competitive rates
  • Term options from 1 to 5 years

Savvy Term Deposit
Take advantage of potential gains in the stock market with no downside risk to their principal. It combines the principal protection of a term deposit with the potential for growth that you would get in a mutual fund.


  • No commissions, management or administration fees
  • Unlimited potential returns based on performance of the S&P/TSX 60 Index
  • RRSP and TFSA eligible
Registered Savings

A great way to save for your retirement or plan for future events. The money you put into your RSP account is tax deductible. That means you can claim it as a tax deduction when you file your income tax return — and lower the tax you pay.


  • Variable Savings and Term Deposit options
Qtrade Guided Portfolios 

Invest your money, not your time Qtrade Guided Portfolios is a simple and convenient online investing service that provides you with a professionally managed, low-cost portfolio to match your personal financial goals.

A great fit for individuals looking for a comprehensive and convenient online investing solution that offers a low-cost, digital experience Individuals early in their wealth journey Investors who have smaller accounts, are fee sensitive or don’t require the full expertise of a financial adviser.

Wealth Management

We are committed to helping our members live their best lives. One of the ways we do this is to have a team of experts available to assist you in your wealth management decisions.


  • Offered through Credential Asset Management
  • Professional Money Management
  • Diversification
  • Access to the Markets

Qtrade Guided Portfolios is powered by Aviso Wealth, one of Canada’s leading independent financial services providers. Aviso oversees billions in assets under administration and management. It is owned by the provincial credit union Centrals, The Co-operators/CUMIS and Desjardins.

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Fusion Credit Union's Declaration of Trust, which is the governing body for RRSP's, TFSA's and RRIF's, is changing effective April 1, 2023.  Changes have been made to the Declaration of Trust to meet legislative requirements, however it will not affect the day-to-day operation of your registered plan.  Copies of the updated Declaration of Trusts are below:


You decide where you want your money to take you and we help get you there. Learn about our Elevator Account, or the new Savvy Index-Linked Term Deposit.

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