Use all of your financial tools wisely

When it comes to managing your money, borrowing is a strategy that can save you money, open opportunities and support the life you want to lead. One key to living well is borrow well.


The Home Mortgage

First home or renewal, the right mortgage package can be the cornerstone of your personal financial plan.

  • Up to 300 month amortization with competitive interest rates
  • Closed or variable term options
  • Twenty percent (20%) of the original amount of the mortgage may be paid without additional charge once in a twelve (12) month period regardless of term option
  • Flexible repayment options to match your income schedule
Line of Credit

Keep your options open with a home equity line of credit. Use only what you need and pay interest on only what you use.

  • Immediate access to pre-approved funds whenever you want
  • Once approved there is no need to apply every time you require extra funds
  • Interest paid only on the balance in use
Personal Loan

Personal loans offer very competitive rates for a wide range of purposes: a new vehicle, education, home renovations, investments, the list goes on and on.

  • Flexible term lengths and competitive fixed or variable rates
  • Single or joint coverage is available for life and disability insurance
  • Automatic payments from the account of your choice
  • All personal loans can be prepaid at any time without penalty
Student Financing

An investment in education is one of the best you can make. Our student financing options give you time to complete your learning and start earning.

  • While you are at school, your only payment is the monthly interest.
  • Interest rates are competitive.
  • Maximum amounts apply

Promotional Rates

At Fusion, we help our members to achieve their goals in any way we can.

Residential Mortgages

1 Year

Residential Mortgages

3 Year

Residential Mortgages

5 Year

*Rates subject to change.

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