Some companies say they care, but at Fusion, we show it.  Massage chairs and EnergyPod® were installed in our branches in an effort to enhance employee wellness and improve productivity.

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Benefits of Napping

Recent studies have shown that taking 20 minutes a day to refresh is instrumental to a person's overall well-being and leads to increased energy and productivity.  Below are some of the results of studies conducted on the benefits of napping:

  • Even an ultra-short period of sleep is sufficient to enhance memory processing: Memory retention with a short nap was measured 18% higher than that without the nap, while a longer nap enhanced memory retention by 34% relative to that without the nap. 1

  • College students taking regular naps demonstrated higher cognitive scores and lower stress levels when compared to the control group. 2

  • A study showed significantly higher scores for nappers in surprise tests, in comparison to those who did not nap.3

  • Poor sleep is a strong predictor of academic problems and has the same negative impact on a student's grade point average as binge drinking and marijuana use.4

  • Insufficient sleep and irregular sleep–wake patterns are present at alarming levels in the college student population. 5

  • ‘Napping and sleeping’ have been reported as the most effective ways to cope with stress, as perceived by students. 6

  • A short, mid-day nap is associated with improved alertness and cognitive functioning, leading to a 30% reduction in attention failures, an 8% reduction in hit reaction time, a 50% reduction in omission errors, and a 22% reduction in commission errors. 7

  • Daytime napping stops or even reverses the process of deterioration in visual perception, thus helping individuals cope with information overload. 8

  • A study in which subjects were learning words and word pairs suggests that a short nap can aid the process of moving learned information into long-term memory.9

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Features of the Restworks EnergyPod® 

As part of our commitment to community wellness, an EnergyPod® was installed at Brandon University to promote health and well-being among students.  The EnergyPod® is the world's first chair designed exclusively for power napping in the workplace.  Features include:

Ergonomic Perfection

A zero-gravity positioned chair that reclines to reduce pressure and elevate feet.

Durable Comfort

High quality synthetic leather that is soft, smooth and comfortable.

Safe Storage

Compartments for safe storage of personal belongings.

Privacy Visor

Blocks out distractions and conceals the user.

Simple Interface

One-touch start button, timer and built in music player.

i20 Technology 

Includes MetroNaps Music which plays specifically composed music for each of the three key phases of sleep, Pzizz guided relaxation, status indicator, a gentle wake sequence to minimize grogginess and usage tracking.

Click below to view and download the Restworks EnergyPod® Brochure and User Manual.

Fusion Credit Union gifts EnergyPod® to Brandon University.  Read the press release here.

Wellness Spaces at Fusion Credit Union

The health and wellness of employees has always been a priority at Fusion and is why an EnergyPod® and massage chairs have been installed at branches. Watch the video to learn how Fusion uses the EnergyPod® and massage chairs to reduce tension and improve productivity in the work place.

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