Zero Percent Balance Transfer

Zero Percent Balance Transfer

Simplify your finances with zero percent interest on balance transfers to a Fusion Credit Card.1

Don't let high credit card interest rates stand in the way of your financial progress.  Here's how you can benefit from our zero percent balance transfer offer:

  • Consolidate credit card balances onto one card, making it easier to manage payments.  

  • Reduce debt faster!  With a zero percent interest rate, more of your payment goes to reducing the principal amount, paying off outstanding balances much faster.

  • Save on interest payments!  Pay zero percent interest for the first 9 months when transferring existing card balances.

  • Eligible cards include: Centra Visa Gold*, Classic Mastercard**, Cash Back Mastercard**, Visa Infinite*, Cash Back Visa Infinite*, Low-Rate Business Mastercard**, No Fee Cash Back Business Mastercard**, and Visa Business Infinite*.

Offer is available until June 30, 2024.

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1Terms and conditions apply.  A one-time, 2% fee on the amount of each balance transferred will be charged at the time the balance transfer transaction is booked.
*Trademark of Visa Int., used under license
**Mastercard, is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated

A one-time, 2% fee on the amount of each balance transfer will be charged at the time the balance transfer transaction is booked.

To receive the promotional 0% annual interest rate for balance transfers, a minimum transfer amount of $500 is required. Card holders can transfer as many balances as the credit card limit allows during the promotional period, as long as each transfer is $500 or more.

To view the full Terms & Conditions, click here 

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